Sol-Ark 15k | All-In-One On-Grid & Off-Grid Hybrid Inverter

  • 200A Feedthrough – No subpanel required for critical loads.
  • Parallel stackable for increased output
  • Many grid modes: grid-sell, meter zero, time of use, peak shaving
  • Smart Load Output to turn on loads when excess power is available
  • Outdoor rated NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Closed-loop LiFePO4 communication
  • AC/DC Solar Compatible – works with existing Microinverters or standard DC panels
  • Generator Ready – Easily add a generator to your system without an additional transfer switch thanks to the built-in transfer switch.
  • Built-in Rapid Shutdown
  • Remote monitoring
  • This inverter will be available for California in August, 2022 due to required state certifications.
  • Any orders placed shipping to California will be placed on hold until required state certifications are obtained.
  • Sol-Ark 15K’s have a 5-7 day lead time.



A true all-in-one

Competitors will claim to be an all in one system, but they don’t tell you about the breakers, fuses, combiner boxes or rapid shutdown equipment that is required for a code-compliant installation. With the Sol-Ark 15k, this is all built in so that all you need are solar panels and then you will be up and running!

Battery Agnostic

This inverter does not require batteries for operation, so it’s great for the forward thinkers that may wish to add batteries in the future. When used with batteries, there are no restrictions, you can use FLA, AGM, and many more, including Lithium! This inverter supports closed-loop communication with leading batteries such as the SOK 48v 100Ah User-Servicable Server Rack Battery





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