REC Active BMS 4S 12V 500A Pre-Configured Kit

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Experience the power of advanced battery management with the REC BMS 4S 12V Kit. Designed for seamless integration with the Victron Cerbo-GX, this pre-configured BMS kit revolutionizes the way you control and monitor your 12V battery pack. Take your battery management to the next level with this comprehensive solution that provides everything you need for a reliable and efficient system.

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Elevate your battery management to new heights with the revolutionary BMS 4S 12V Kit. Seamlessly integrating with the Victron Cerbo GX, this pre-configured BMS kit empowers you to take complete control and monitor your 12V battery pack with ease using a GX Touch Display. Unleash the full potential of your battery system with this comprehensive solution, delivering reliability and efficiency at every step.

REC Active BMS 4S

With the REC Active BMS 4S, you can harness the true power of your battery system. Whether it’s the wide battery chemistry compatibility, intelligent balancing, robust protections, precise monitoring, or customizable outputs, this BMS delivers unparalleled performance and control. We’ll pre-configure your BMS 4S 12V Kit before shipping to you!

REC-BMS CAN DB9 to Victron RJ45 Cable

Enhance your energy management system with the REC BMS CAN DB9 to Victron RJ45 cable. Designed for seamless data sharing between your REC BMS CANBus and Victron VE.Bus, this cable enables efficient load and charging control while providing a clear display of BMS data on your Victron network.

REC BMS Pre-Charge Delay V3.0

Whether you’re working with 12V, 24V, 48V, or even higher voltage systems, the REC BMS Pre-Charge Delay is the ideal solution to tackle inrush currents effectively. Experience a smoother power-up procedure, protect your system components, and enhance the lifespan of your valuable equipment.

Tyco Kilovac DC Contactor

Experience the cutting-edge technology of the Tyco Kilovac DC Contactor, a game-changer in the industry. Designed to be the smallest, lightest weight, and most cost-effective sealed contactor available, this remarkable product revolutionizes the way we approach power contact applications. With an impressive current rating of 500+A carry and 2000A interrupt at 320VDC, the Tyco Kilovac DC Contactor outperforms the competition, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in a compact package.

500A Precision Shunt

Also included in our BMS 4S 12V Kit is the 500A Precision Shunt. Its exceptional accuracy, wide temperature range, and effortless integration make it the perfect choice for demanding applications. Trust in the precision and reliability of the 500A Precision Shunt to achieve accurate current measurements without compromise.

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