REC Active BMS 4S – Modular & Expandable

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The REC Active BMS 4S works with a wide battery chemistry, active cell balancing, precise monitoring, and programmable outputs. This BMS offers both ease of use and detailed tracking of batteries.



The REC Active BMS 4S is a Lithium-Ion Battery management system (BMS). It is designed to balance and manage a battery system with 4 cells in series. It is capable of working with any of these Lithium-Ion chemistries:

  • Li-PO 
  • LiFePO4 
  • LiFeYPO4 
  • LiCoO2 
  • LiMnNiCo
  • LiMnO4 

The REC Active BMS has 2A bi-directional active balancing, allowing proper balancing across the entire pack and individual cells. This balancing will increase the lifespan, maximize capacity, and minimize the risk of cell degradation. This BMS has an IP65 protection enclosure rating and an AMP 35-pin water-resistant connector. The REC Active BMS protects against dust, water, and other environmental hazards. It also offers a measuring range of 0.1-5.0V within a 1mV resolution and 2mV accuracy. This BMS also supports up to 8 digital temperature sensors. The REC Active BMS also comes with two programmable fused relay outputs and two programmable fused digital outputs. These outputs allow you to program the REC Active to trigger external devices, activate alarms, and control power functions.

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