REC Active BMS 4S – Modular & Expandable

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With the REC BMS Active BMS 4S, you can harness the true power of your battery system. Whether it’s the wide battery chemistry compatibility, intelligent balancing, robust protections, precise monitoring, or customizable outputs, this BMS delivers unparalleled performance and control. Elevate your energy storage experience and unlock the full potential of your batteries!



REC Active BMS 4S: Unleashing the Full Power of Battery Management

Efficient, versatile, and robust, the REC Active BMS 4S is the cutting-edge solution for managing and optimizing your lithium-ion battery systems. Engineered with advanced technology and comprehensive compatibility, this BMS is designed to elevate the performance and safety of your energy storage setup. 

Compatibility Beyond Limits

With its extensive compatibility, you can easily integrate this BMS into your existing battery system, unlocking its full potential for any lithium-ion chemistry. This 4S BMS is engineered to work seamlessly with various lithium-ion chemistries, including: 

  • Li-PO 
  • LiFePO4 
  • LiFeYPO4 
  • LiCoO2 
  • LiMnNiCo
  • LiMnO4 

Precise and Intelligent Balancing

Equipped with high-efficiency 2A bi-directional active balancing technology, the REC Active BMS 4S ensures optimal performance by balancing the charge across the pack and individual cells. This intelligent balancing mechanism enhances the lifespan of your batteries, maximizes their capacity, and minimizes the risk of cell degradation.

Protection You Can Rely On

Featuring an IP65 protection enclosure and an AMP 35 pin water-resistant connector, this BMS 4S prioritizes safety in every aspect. The robust design shields your battery system from environmental factors, providing reliable protection against dust, water, and other potential hazards. With the included harness, installation becomes a breeze, ensuring a secure and watertight connection for your peace of mind.

Precision Monitoring and Control

The REC Active BMS 4S empowers you with comprehensive monitoring capabilities. It offers a measuring range of 0.1 – 5.0V with an impressive 1mV resolution and 2mV accuracy. This level of precision allows you to monitor the voltage of your battery cells with exceptional accuracy, ensuring you stay informed about their performance at all times.

Expandable and Adaptable

Designed for versatility, the REC Active BMS 4S supports up to 8 digital temperature sensors. This  enables you to monitor the thermal conditions of your battery pack and mitigate the risk of overheating. Additionally, it offers shunt current measurement, giving you the flexibility to integrate existing shunt systems, such as the Victron SmartShunt, for precise current monitoring.

Customizable Outputs for Enhanced Control

The REC BMS puts you in command with its two programmable fused relay outputs and two programmable fused digital outputs. These customizable outputs empower you to configure your battery system to meet your specific needs, whether it’s triggering external devices, activating alarms, or controlling various power functions. 

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