REC-BMS CAN DB9 to Victron RJ45 Cable

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Enhance your energy management system with the REC BMS CAN DB9 to Victron RJ45 Cable. Designed for seamless data sharing between your REC BMS CANBus and Victron VE.Bus, this cable enables efficient load and charging control while providing a clear display of BMS data on your Victron network.

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Connectivity is crucial in optimizing energy management systems, and the REC BMS CAN DB9 to Victron RJ45 Cable is here to streamline your integration process. By effortlessly linking your REC CANBus with the Victron VE.Bus, this cable enables a seamless exchange of data, allowing for precise load and charging control. Prepare to unlock a world of possibilities and take advantage of the convenience of monitoring and displaying Battery Management System (BMS) data across your Victron network, all accessible through devices like the Cerbo GX.

Compatibility with Q-BMS & Active-BMS

One of the outstanding features of the CAN DB9 to RJ45 cable is its compatibility with both the Q-BMS and Active-BMS systems from REC BMS. Seamlessly integrate these advanced battery management systems with your Victron VE.Bus, enabling efficient data sharing and control. With this reliable cable, you can effortlessly monitor and display BMS data on your Victron network, ensuring comprehensive energy management.

Additionally, as of July 2021, this cable now has a length of 3m/10ft! As a result, you have the flexibility to set up you energy management system in a way that works best for your needs. Upgrade your system today and experience enhanced compatibility with the CAN DB9 to RJ45 cable.

Whether you’re a residential user or a commercial enterprise, this cable offers the reliability and convenience necessary to achieve optimal energy management. Invest in the CAN DB9 to RJ45 cable today and experience seamless connectivity, enhanced control, and efficient data sharing, transforming the way you manage your energy resources.

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