Victron Cerbo GX System Controller

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The Victron Cerbo GX is a communication center that provides perfect control and monitoring of your system from anywhere, maximizing its performance.

  • Perfect Monitoring & Control: Monitor your battery’s state of charge, power consumption, power harvest, tank levels, temperature measurements, and more.
  • Maximize System Performance: The Cerbo GX optimizes the performance of system components in real-time and features a Dual Core Processor and an extra CAN-bus port for larger systems.
  • Simple Mounting & Configuration: Designed for easy mounting on a DIN-Rail, the Cerbo GX eliminates the need for complicated cut-outs and reduces cable clutter. The VictronConnect app allows for fast and easy Bluetooth connection and configuration.
  • Outsmart Any Power Challenge: The Cerbo GX can automatically start/stop generators, optimize battery usage during power cuts, and ensure the smooth functioning of vital systems.


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The Victron Cerbo GX is Victron’s communication hub between every component in the system. It then allows connection to the Victron Remote Monitoring (VRM). The Victron Cerbo GX allows monitoring of system parameters such as battery state of charge, power consumption, tank levels, and temperature measurements. It also allows for remote system adjustments of power input current limit, remote start/stop of generators, and inverter settings. It does all of this in real-time, ensuring the information you have is up to date. When paid with the GX Touch Display, all these settings can be done right at the Cerbo GX. This unit is good for marine, residential, or off-grid scenarios.

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