Victron GX Touch 50/70 Display for Cerbo GX

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The Victron GX Touch Display is an accessory for the Cerbo GX. It allows monitoring of the system from a touch screen right at the installation. No wifi or remote access needed. Coming in two different versions, the 50 inch and 70 inch, the GX Touch Display offers real-time monitoring and control.


  • Instant overview of your system’s performance
  • Intuitive touch screen interface for effortless control
  • Seamless integration with the Cerbo GX via a single cable
  • Super slim, waterproof design for flexibility in dashboard setup
  • Top-mountable installation for a clean and professional look
  • Streamlined installation process with no need for complex cut-outs
  • Achieve perfect control over your system through the VRM portal
  • Enhanced connectivity with Bluetooth capability


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The Victron GX Touch Display is an accessory for the Cerbo GX. It is a screen for the Cerbo GX, allowing easy monitoring and control of all aspects of the system. With the screen, you can set up alerts and alarms based around the system, offering real-time monitoring without the need for the Victron Remote Monitoring (VRM). Both the 50 and 70-inch versions easily integrate with the Cerbo GX. Simply connect the cable to the correct port on the Cerbo and it is good to go. The GX Touch series can also connect to the VRM, allowing remote monitoring and management from anywhere.


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Do the GX Touch screens come with a wall mount, or must they be purchased separately?



It must be purchased separately, the only component it comes with is the connection cable.