Victron MPPT RS 450V/100A, 450V/200A SmartSolar Charge Controller

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Take control of your solar power system with the Victron RS 450V MPPT Charge Controller. Designed to connect seamlessly to a photovoltaic (PV) array with a voltage range of 80 to 450 Volt Voc, this advanced charge controller efficiently charges your 48V battery bank with either 100A or 200A. With its fully programmable charge settings, compatibility with various battery chemistries, and a range of intelligent features, the Victron RS 450V Charge Controller ensures maximum power generation and reliable energy storage.



Enhance Your Solar System with the Victron RS 450V MPPT Charge Controller

Efficiently monitor and control the charge of your 48V battery bank with the state-of-the-art Victron RS 450V MPPT Charge Controller. Designed to connect to a photovoltaic (PV) array ranging from 80 to 450 Volt Voc, this charge controller offers exceptional performance and versatility. With programmable charge settings, it can be tailored to various battery chemistries, including lead-acid and lithium, ensuring optimal charging efficiency.

Expand Your Solar System with Daisy Chain Capability

Harness the power of scalability with the Victron RS 450V MPPT Charge Controller’s VE.Can bus ports. These ports enable seamless communication with additional SmartSolar and VE.Can MPPT units. Simply connect them together using an RJ45 cable, and they will synchronize their charge stages. In addition, all individual charge controllers can send their data through the same cable for monitoring purposes, perfect for integration with a GX device like the Cerbo GX.

Seamless Setup and Monitoring with VictronConnect

Take control of your solar system with ease using the VictronConnect App. The Victron RS 450V MPPT Charge Controller can be conveniently configured and controlled remotely via Bluetooth, allowing for hassle-free device setup and management. Stay informed with at-a-glance information, such as battery voltage/current, PV voltage/current, historical data, and trends.

Effortless Remote Monitoring and Control

Still need full control over your energy system no matter where you are? If your Victron RS 450V MPPT Charge Controller is connected to the internet and a GX device, the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal provides easy access to monitor and manage your system. This convenient feature allows you to stay in charge of your system, anytime and anywhere. Additionally, for remote installations without internet access nearby, you can monitor your charge controller by utilizing the GlobalLink 520.

Intuitive SmartSolar Display

Keep track of your solar system’s performance at a glance with the Victron RS charge controller’s built-in display. The front panel display provides real-time readings of battery volts, charge current, and individual array voltages. Total figures are displayed instantaneously, allowing you to monitor your unit’s performance effortlessly. Stay informed about your system’s status, including any possible error codes, ensuring smooth operation.

Enhanced I/O Connections for Customization

The Victron RS 450V MPPT Charge Controller comes equipped with both a programmable relay and a range of options for remote temperature and voltage sensing. The remote input is compatible with both the Victron smallBMS and other BMS types that support allow-to-charge signals. This flexibility allows you to tailor the charge controller to your specific needs, making it a versatile solution for a variety of solar system configurations.

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  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I just completed installation and start-up of the 20K 120/240 Kit system, three 25K S0K battery racks, and forty-two 400W Rich Solar panels. A well-designed system and knowledgeable staff made the installation and start-up a breeze.

    The well thought out complete package was beyond expectation, in every detail. Oversized cables hydraulically crimped with heat shrink and protective covers. No missing parts! The equipment was everything as described, top quality, very knowledgeable staff. I cannot say enough good things about the product and service.

    The equipment was package and shipped on time, in very heavy-duty crates, on pallets organized in a way that made the installation simple and straight forward. Everything worked the first time.

    I am now producing more electricity than I need! I am using all the equipment, A/C, refrigerators, freezers, and well pump, with plenty of power to recharge the battery bank every day. Worth every penny. I am now energy independent. I now use the public utility as my back-up source. Doubt I’ll ever need them.

    I have been in business for over 40 years, have dealt with hundreds of suppliers, and I can say I have never had a better experience. 100 star rating!

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whats the PV max amp per terminal?



20A Per MPPT Input.