Victron Cerbo-S GX Kit


The Cerbo GX and GX Touch combination sets a new standard for professional-grade control, allowing you to take control and monitor your system with confidence and efficiency. The Cerbo-GX is a pi-based computer that connects to each component of your system and monitors every single aspect. With the data collected, a complete power-flow chart is sent out to the GX Touch display for you to view and scroll through the various data points. The Cerbo-GX also facilitates connecting the system to the internet via WiFi, Ethernet or 4G (accessory required), giving you full monitoring and control from anywhere in the world.

Victron Cerbo-S GX (Lite) System Controller

The Victron Cerbo-S GX is a communication center that provides perfect control and monitoring of your system from anywhere, maximizing its performance. Conquer any power challenge with its advanced control, monitoring, and configuration capabilities!

  • New! The Victron Cerbo-S GX is the latest “Lite” version of the Cerbo-GX. This lower-cost version removed the BMS-CAN port and the tank & temperature sensor inputs that most installations don’t utilize.
  • Perfect Monitoring & Control: Monitor your battery's state of charge, power consumption, power harvest, tank levels, temperature measurements, and more.
  • Maximize System Performance: The Cerbo-GX optimizes the performance of system components in real-time, allowing you to operate at peak efficiency.
  • Simple Mounting & Configuration: Designed for easy mounting on a DIN-Rail, the Cerbo GX eliminates the need for complicated cut-outs and reduces cable clutter. The VictronConnect app allows for fast and easy Bluetooth connection and configuration.
  • Outsmart Any Power Challenge: The Cerbo GX can automatically start/stop generators, optimize battery usage during power cuts, and ensure the smooth functioning of vital systems.


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Victron GX Touch 50/70 Display for Cerbo GX

The Victron GX Touch Display is an accessory for the Cerbo GX. It allows monitoring of the system from a touch screen right at the installation. No wifi or remote access needed. Coming in two different versions, the 50 inch and 70 inch, the GX Touch Display offers real-time monitoring and control.


  • Instant overview of your system's performance
  • Intuitive touch screen interface for effortless control
  • Seamless integration with the Cerbo GX via a single cable
  • Super slim, waterproof design for flexibility in dashboard setup
  • Top-mountable installation for a clean and professional look
  • Streamlined installation process with no need for complex cut-outs
  • Achieve perfect control over your system through the VRM portal
  • Enhanced connectivity with Bluetooth capability

Victron GX Touch Wall Mount Bracket

The GX Touch Wall Mount Bracket provides a seamless solution for mounting your GX Touch display on any wall. Available in both 5-inch and 7-inch versions, this accessory eliminates the need for drilling or cut-outs. Simply secure the bracket with the 3 provided screws, and you're ready to go!

RJ45 / CAT5e Cables - For VE.BUS, VE.CAN and BMS.CAN ports


  • High-precision, CAT5e, ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Compliant, ETL Verified
  • UTP 24AWG stranded conductors for flexibility and minimum crosstalk
  • 50-micron gold-plated contacts for high-speed data transfer and corrosion resistance
  • Molded, snag-less strain relief boots for long-lasting, durable connections
  • Compatible with SOK 48V100Ah Server Rack Battery & Victron VE.BUS / VE.CAN products

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Victron Cerbo-S GX (Lite) System Controller

Weight 3 lbs

Victron GX Touch 50/70 Display for Cerbo GX

Weight 3 lbs

Victron GX Touch Wall Mount Bracket

Weight 2 lbs

RJ45 / CAT5e Cables - For VE.BUS, VE.CAN and BMS.CAN ports

Weight N/A


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