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Description: Cerbo-GX

The Cerbo-GX is the heart of your Victron system.  Instantly monitor system load, battery charge, solar production as well as alerts & notifications.  Change vital system settings & coordinate the operation of various components for a seamless operation.

Note: Required when pairing CAN-Bus BMS LiFePO4 Batteries with Victron Inverter/chargers & Solar Charge Controllers.

Additional Documentation:

Cerbo-GX DatasheetCerbo-GX Manual

Description: GX Touch

The GX Touch is the companion of the Cerbo-GX, just as a screen is the companion of a PC.   The GX Touch allows for a quick way to reference vital system information and a intuitive interface for changing important system settings.

Featuring a waterproof design, the GX Touch can be either surface mounted with the bracket included in this kit, or can be recessed into a control console.

While the Cerbo-GX can also be controlled and viewed through a smartphone, this screen improves the speed and ease of accessing core system vitals.

Includes 6 foot HDMI/USB Combination cable.

Display resolution:
GX Touch 5: 800px * 480px
GX Touch 6: 1024px * 600px

Description: GX Touch Wall Bracket

The GX Touch wall mount accessory allows easy mounting of the GX Touch on a wall. Available in 2 sizes to accommodate the 5 Inch & 7 Inch versions of the GX Touch. No drilling or cut-out is required, other than the three screws that secure the bracket to the wall.

Additional Documentation:

5 Inch Version:

Wall Bracket Installation Instructions 5 In. Wall Bracket Dimensional Drawing

7 Inch Version:

Wall Bracket Installation Instructions7 In. Wall Bracket Dimensional Drawing


Additional Temperature Sensors

The Cerbo-GX supports up to 4 additional temperature sensors

GX 4G-LTE-A (USA) GX Remote Management

Connect your Cerbo-GX to the internet with your 4G-LTE

VE.Direct Cables

Connect your Cerbo-GX to your Battery Monitor & Solar Controllers


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