Victron 48V 16.8kWh LiFePO4 Battery Kit

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The Victron 48V 16.8kWh LiFePO4 Battery Kit is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to store energy. This kit includes everything you need to connect and monitor your batteries for ideal charging and performance. It is perfect for off-grid workshops, RVs, and other applications where reliable power is essential.

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The Victron 48V 16.8kWh LiFePO4 Battery Kit

The Victron 48V 16.8kWh LiFePO4 Battery Kit is a comprehensive, high-performance energy storage solution for off-grid workshops, RVs, and other applications. It features cutting-edge technology, thoughtful design, and a user-centric approach. The kit is efficient, adaptable, and safe, and it comes with an intuitive monitoring system. Let’s explore what’s included! 

Victron 12V 330Ah LiFePO4 Batteries

Unlock a new level of energy storage and power management with the Victron 12V330Ah LiFePO4 Battery from Victron Energy. Engineered with cutting-edge Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, this smart battery offers unrivaled performance, versatility, and longevity for demanding applications. Whether you’re an off-grid enthusiast, an avid boater, or a solar power aficionado, the Victron 330Ah Battery is the perfect companion to keep your systems running smoothly.

Victron VE.Bus BMS V2

The Victron VE.Bus BMS V2 is the ideal solution for ensuring the optimal performance and protection of your Victron Lithium Battery Smart 12,8V & 25,6V. Whether you have a single battery or multiple batteries, this intelligent BMS offers advanced monitoring, pre-alarm alerts, and automatic load and charge disconnection to safeguard your system from voltage and temperature fluctuations. With its versatile features and seamless integration with various Victron devices, the VE.Bus BMS empowers you to take control of your power setup like never before.

M8 Circular Connector 3-Pole Cable

Victron Lithium Smart Batteries are powerful and reliable, but they require an external BMS to function properly. When you need a little extra distance between your battery and BMS, that’s where the M8 Circular Connector comes in. The cable is made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh environments, so you can be sure it will last. Plus, it comes in a set of two, so you have one for backup. Order your M8 Circular Connector extension cable today and get the most out of your Victron Lithium Smart Battery.

Connection Cables

Also included in the Victron Battery Kit, your package includes essential accessories for seamless battery connections and enhanced safety. It features a 7-foot set of high-quality 4/0 AWG Cables in both black and red, and three 9-inch 4/0 AWG Black Jumpers for interconnecting your batteries effectively. Additionally, you’ll receive five sets of Silicone Battery Terminal Covers to ensure added protection when working with your system. For smooth communication, the package comes with a 6ft RJ45 (VE.Bus) cable for easy connectivity. Rest assured, this comprehensive offering makes setting up and safeguarding your battery system a breeze.

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