Victron Ekrano GX System Controller

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The Victron Ekrano GX redefines what it means to have complete control over your system. With its extensive range of connections, intuitive 7-inch touchscreen display, and unrivaled flexibility, the Ekrano GX empowers you to optimize your system’s performance effortlessly. Stay in command from anywhere, access critical information at your fingertips, and navigate through your system with ease. Experience the future of control with the Victron Ekrano GX and turn power challenges into seamless experiences!


  • Supply Voltage: 8-70V DC
  • Operating Temperature Range: -4° to 122°F (-20° to 50°C)
  • Relay: 2 x NO/NC | DC up to 30VDC: 3A | AC: 1A, 125VAC
  • Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth compatible
  • x3 VE.Direct Ports
  • x2 VE.Can Ports (x1 iso/x1 non-iso)
  • x2 USB-A Ports (max 1.5A at 5V combined)
  • x3 Resistive tank level inputs
  • x2 Temperature sense inputs
  • x2 Digital inputs

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The Victron Ekrano GX: Taking Control to New Heights

Experience the power of perfect control over your system with the Victron Ekrano GX, the latest addition to the GX product family. Packed with an impressive range of connections and interfaces, complemented by a cutting-edge 7-inch touchscreen display, the Ekrano GX is the most advanced GX device to date. With this innovative solution, you can maximize system performance and maintain complete control from anywhere, be it through the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, the built-in touchscreen, a Multi-Functional Display (MFD), or the VictronConnect app, thanks to its Bluetooth capability.

Instant Monitoring and Effortless Optimization

The Victron Ekrano GX allows you to instantly monitor crucial system parameters and make informed decisions to optimize your setup. Keep a close eye on the battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from PV, generator, and mains, or effortlessly check tank levels and temperature measurements. Additionally, take control of your shore power input current limit, automatically start/stop generator(s), and fine-tune settings to ensure your system operates at its peak efficiency. With the Ekrano GX, resolving challenges and performing diagnostic checks remotely is a breeze.

7-Inch Touchscreen: A Window into Your System

Featuring an integrated 7-inch touchscreen, the Victron Ekrano GX provides an instant and comprehensive overview of your system’s performance. Its sleek, super slim, waterproof design offers remarkable flexibility in designing a crisp and clean dashboard that suits your preferences. Adjusting settings and accessing crucial information is as simple as a touch. For added security, the touch function can also be disabled or enabled via a recessed button on the back.

Easy Installation and Reliable Mounting

Designed for optimal convenience, the Victron Ekrano GX is optimized for flush panel or blind hole mounting. Also, with all necessary mounting materials supplied, you can swiftly and securely install the Ekrano GX with confidence. The screw-on terminal blocks keep all connections firmly in place, guaranteeing reliable operation even in demanding environments.

Endless Applications, Endless Control

The versatility of the Ekrano GX extends to a wide range of applications, providing perfect control for diverse systems. Whether you require generator control for marine applications or off-grid solutions, the Ekrano GX effortlessly auto-starts/stops your generator or delays ignition during quiet periods. ESSs benefit from their ability to maintain backup batteries at 100% and seamlessly kick-in during power cuts while also diverting excess solar power for self-consumption. For RV and emergency vehicles, the Victron Ekrano GX ensures vital systems function flawlessly.


SKU: BPP900480100

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