MidNite Solar Barcelona & Hawke’s Bay AFCI kit


The AFCI Kit comes with an AF(Arc Fault)/GF(Ground Fault) circuit board, as well as an AF sensing toroid and a GF sensing toroid. It allows for the detection of Arc Faults or Ground Faults in your PV side of the system. Made to work with both the Barcelona and the Hawke’s Bay charge controllers.


  • Easy plug-in options board
  • Ground fault uses differential current between PV negative and PV positive
  • Ground fault sense toroid included
  • Arc fault sense toroid included
  • Reliable arc fault detection
  • Compatible with Barcelona and Hawke’s Bay charge controllers




The Arc Fault/Ground Fault Kit automatically disconnects the PV or Battery breaker when a fault is detected. It looks for an Arc Fault (AF) or a Ground Fault (GF). It does this by activating the remote-trip circuit breakers. The different sensors look at each of the wires and base it on that. The AF sensor looks for noise on the PV wires whereas the GF sensor looks for a 0.5A current differential between the PV wires.

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