Raw Solar PV Cable – 7-Strand 10 AWG – Positive/Negative Set

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These Raw Solar PV Cables are made for outdoor use with IEC60332-1, IP65, and UL4703 listings. These ratings allow it to withstand most weather conditions. Works with most standard connection devices, such as solar quick connectors or ferrules.


  • Rating Voltage: 1000V
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Fire Rated: IEC60332-1
  • Insulation Material: XLPE
  • Wire Material: Pure Copper
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +90°C
  • Service Life: 25+ years
  • UL 4703 Listed



Whether you’re setting up a small residential solar installation or a large-scale commercial project, this PV Cable is an excellent choice to connect any needed PV wiring. This Raw Solar PV Cable is perfect for situations where connectors aren’t standard or needed. It comes with raw ends, which allows you to customize the cable ends to suit your specific requirements. This raw PV Cable can be installed with any solar panels when paired with our standard Quick Connection kit and a crimping tool. Its moisture, UV, and corrosion resistance ensure optimal performance even in harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, this Solar PV Cable is UL 4703 listed. All of these aspects make it perfect for long-running outdoor applications.


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