Victron SmartShunt 500A~2000A 6.5-70VDC

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  • All-in-one battery monitor with no display, connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • Monitor state of charge, time to go, historical data, and more from your mobile device
  • Versatile connectivity options: Bluetooth for direct communication or GX device integration
  • Simplify installation with clutter-free design, a great alternative to traditional monitors
  • Advanced features include monitoring a second battery, midpoint monitoring, and temperature sensing



Victron SmartShunt

Connect to your mobile device using Bluetooth or use the SmartShunt with a GX Device for seamless system integration. Connect a second battery and monitor its status alongside the primary battery. Utilize midpoint monitoring to gain a deeper understanding of your battery system’s performance. You can also connect a temperature sensor. The VictronConnect app empowers you to monitor the state of charge, time to go, historical data, and more.

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How to Wire and Program a Victron SmartShunt for LiFePO4 Batteries


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