Victron 48V Quattro 10kVA 120V Inverter 140A Charger

SKU: QUA483100100

The Victron 48V Quattro 10kVA is good for larger systems, whether on or off-grid. With a surge power of 20,0000W, this inverter can withstand bigger loads than the other Quattros and give continuous power regardless of the situation. If an output voltage of 240V is needed, these units can be easily split-phased for the needed output.


  • Power Control
  • Max Feed Through Current: 2×100 Amps
  • Surge Power: 20,000W
  • Input Voltage Range: 90-140 VAC
  • Output Voltage: 120VAC
  • UL 1741 Listed
  • Weight: 128 lbs.
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 22.6 x 19.2 x 13.6 inches

5-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Ships via LTL Freight.

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The Victron 48V Quattro 10kVA is good for larger installations that need multiple AC inputs. With these two inputs, the Quattro can automatically connect to whatever AC source is active. Able to connect to multiple AC inputs, such as generator and/or grid. Plus with a less than 20 millisecond transfer time, the Quattro 10kVA is good for systems that need a guaranteed source of uninterrupted power.

The Victron 48V Quattro can be paralleled up to 6 times, for both split-phase and three-phase power. For remote monitoring needs, the system can be easily paired with a GX device to set up a VRM (Victron Remote Monitoring). These functions make this inverter great for larger off-grid and on-grid systems.


  • Max Efficiency: 96%
  • Zero Load Power: 60W
  • Zero Load Power in AES mode: 40W
  • Zero Load Power in Search mode: 15W
  • Integrated Transfer Switch
  • Able to be run in split-phase or 3-phase

Recommended Accessories:

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs


Battery Voltage

48 Volts DC


The following software requires a MK3-USB to change paramters within the inverter. Please refer to the “Recommended Accessories” section for reference. Download VE.Configure

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  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I just completed installation and start-up of the 20K 120/240 Kit system, three 25K S0K battery racks, and forty-two 400W Rich Solar panels. A well-designed system and knowledgeable staff made the installation and start-up a breeze.

    The well thought out complete package was beyond expectation, in every detail. Oversized cables hydraulically crimped with heat shrink and protective covers. No missing parts! The equipment was everything as described, top quality, very knowledgeable staff. I cannot say enough good things about the product and service.

    The equipment was package and shipped on time, in very heavy-duty crates, on pallets organized in a way that made the installation simple and straight forward. Everything worked the first time.

    I am now producing more electricity than I need! I am using all the equipment, A/C, refrigerators, freezers, and well pump, with plenty of power to recharge the battery bank every day. Worth every penny. I am now energy independent. I now use the public utility as my back-up source. Doubt I’ll ever need them.

    I have been in business for over 40 years, have dealt with hundreds of suppliers, and I can say I have never had a better experience. 100 star rating!

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One question, In regards to the second AC out. Is it possible to control if it is connected based on a SOC or battery Voltage? Thinking of a vehicle charger running two of these inverters on 240v. Or is this even a good idea?



Yes, however, it would require the use of assistants, programmed into the inverter via VE.Config software. More information on assistants can be found here: