VE.Bus Smart Dongle

  • Bluetooth accessory compatible with all Victron inverter/chargers with a VE.Bus port
  • Works as voltage and temperature sensor
  • Great alternative for caravan, yacht, and motor home set-ups in lieu of Color Control GX or Venus GX

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The VE.Bus Smart dongle is two products in one:

First of all it is the Bluetooth accessory for our range of inverter/chargers: Multis, MultiPlusses, MultiPlus-II, MultiGrid, MultiGrid-II, Quattros, and our series of Phoenix Inverters with a VE.Bus port. When installed, use the VictronConnect App to monitor operation and also operate the system: change the input current limit as well as switch between Off, On and Charger-only modes.

Secondly it can work as a Voltage- and Temperature-sense device for the inverter/charger. This works with all models.

For monitoring, the device is a great alternative in caravans, smaller yachts and motor homes for which the Color Control GX or Venus GX are a step too far.

System Schematics


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