Solar PV DC Quick Disconnect Switch

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The Solar PV DC Quick Disconnect Switch is a reliable cutoff switch for any installation that needs one. It is perfect for both new and preexisting systems with two different versions, the hardwired and MC4 variants.


  • 2 pole (single string) configuration
  • Maximum rated current: 32A @ 600VDC
  • Dimensions (HxLxW): 7.08 x 3.85 x 4.2 inches
  • NEMA 4X and IP66NW rated
  • User-independent switching mechanism



This Solar PV DC Quick Disconnect Switch is based around contacts inside that will break the connection when turned off. It has an arc suppression system built in, which has a typical arc suppression time of 3ms. With its NEMA 4X and IP66NW-rated enclosure, this disconnect switch can be used repeatedly without damage. It is designed to be installed outside so it can be installed near or at the array itself if wanted.

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Is this for interior or exterior mount?

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It is NEMA 4X, so it can be used in either application safely.


What terminals on the "hardwire" model (by marked #) are the recommended ones to use for PV input and output to MPPT? The enclosed instructions are not clear to me. Thanks!



Great question. We just added a reference drawing to the product photos for the hardwire version. Simply match up based on the numbers and you will be set!


How do you open this box????

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Take out the plastic plugs, remove the screws, make sure the switch is off then pull apart.


It says "single string", but in the picture I see 8 wire landings... would the 8 places mean you could control two strings?

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There are four contacts in total, however, they are interconnected to reach the appropriate voltage rating. We highly recommend switching both the positive and negative conductors, and for that reason this assembly is only good for one string at the specified voltage ratings.


I need a solar quick disconnect that can handle 4 strings of up to 400 vdc. It also needs to be mounted outside. Will this accomplish that? If not, do you have something that will?



For this disconnect it can only handle one string up to 600vdc. You could have 4 of these for each string, but if you are looking for a single disconnect for all you would be better looking at the MidNite Solar disconnect boxes.


Hi. Thanks for the answer, but I was asking about the hardwired version…. What size cable glands to use?

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The product link below is what you would need for the hardwire version.