Sol-Ark 30K-3P-208V-N Commercial Inverter

SKU: 30K-3P-208V-N

The Sol-Ark 30K-3P-208V-N Commercial Inverter is a powerful solution designed for native 208V Three Phase applications, making it great for light commercial ventures and high-end residential installations. This inverter also incorporates an MPPT system with a 3-stage battery charging algorithm.


  • Max Allowed PV Power: 39000W
  • Max PV Voltage (Voc): 500V
  • MPPT voltage range: 170-500 V
  • Number of MPPT: 4
  • Listing & Certifications: UL 1741-2001 Certified
  • Battery Charge Current: 100A
  • Idle Consumption: 60W
  • Efficiency: 96%




The Sol-Ark 30K-3P-208V-N Commercial Inverter

The Sol-Ark 30K-3P-208V-N offers both AC and DC coupling, a maximum output of 30kW, and includes a 200A Transfer Switch with an ultra-fast 5ms response time. With four MPPT channels, you can efficiently manage and harvest energy from various inputs, and the built-in PV disconnect switch and rapid shutdown keep your entire system safe. The inverter also provides continuous AC grid/generator power at 72kW with a 200A input.

Operating at 120/208V Three Phase, this inverter was designed specifically to meet the needs of commercial and high-end residential settings. The built-in WiFi and LAN communication capabilities allow for remote monitoring and control of your entire Sol-Ark fleet from wherever you are. Additionally, you can stack up to 12 of these inverters in parallel.


  • 200A built-in transfer switch
  • Able to be in parallel with up to 12 units
  • Capable of different modes, including grid sell, limited power to home, limited power to load, and time of use
  • Able to turn on loads when excess power is available
  • UL 1741 certified
  • It has AC and DC coupling, allowing for a combination of DC-coupled and AC-coupled solar panels
  • Used with high-voltage batteries
  • Built-in Rapid shutdown and emergency stop
  • Built-in remote monitoring system


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Additional information

Max Allowed PV Power


Max PV Voltage (Voc)


MPPT voltage range

170-500 V

Number of MPPT


Listing & Certifications

UL 1741-2001 Certified

Battery Charge Current


Idle Consumption





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