Corigy Ballasted Solar Panel Ground Mounts – Easy DIY Install

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  • Made from UV stabilized HDPE plastic that won’t degrade in the sun
  • Each mounting base can hold up to 5 cubic feet of aggregate, equivalent to 550 lbs of crushed rock
  • Suitable for a wide range of panels – nearly any panel can be installed in portrait mode up to 60″, and 39 1/2″ panels can be installed in landscape mode.
  • Not suitable for areas with heavy snowfall, as the 18° angle is not effective in clearing snow.

Shipping Options

  • Flat Rate Shipping: When ordering the ballasted ground mounts separately, there’s a flat rate of $300 for LTL freight (FedEx) shipping.
  • Free Shipping: If you purchase solar panels along with the ground mounts, take advantage of our free shipping offer. Contact our shipping department for details!

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Maximize Your Solar Energy Generation with Easy-to-Install Solar Panel Ground Mounts

Mounting your Solar Panels has never been easier with Ground Mounts. Designed to simplify the installation process, these ground mounts allow you to set up your solar panels at ground level, eliminating the need for climbing on your roof or investing in expensive ground racking systems. 

Effortless Installation Process

Simply fill the inside with gravel or crushed rock, secure the mounts in place, and install your panels over the top. The panels easily clip onto the mounts using the included braces, making the process seamless for anyone, regardless of their expertise.

Versatility and Compatibility

Almost any panel can be installed in portrait orientation, while 39.5″ wide panels can be installed in landscape orientation. This flexibility allows you to choose the configuration that suits your energy needs best.

Secure and Durable Design

UV stabilized HDPE plastic ensures they remain unaffected by prolonged exposure to the sun. Providing a stable foundation for your solar panels that will last.

Efficient Mounting Base

Holds up to 5 Cu. Ft of aggregate, which translates to approximately 550 lbs. of crushed rock. Ensuring a stable and reliable foundation for your solar panels..

Calculating Mount Requirements

Each row will require one additional mount than the quantity of panels. For example, if you have a row of 10 panels, you’ll need 11 mounts. 


We strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers. For flat roof installations, we highly recommend consulting with a structural engineer to verify roof loading. Some roofs may run into issues due to the weight needed to ballast the mounts. Additionally, in areas with heavy snow, our ground mounts may not be the most suitable choice, as the angle does not effectively clear snow.

Recommended Panel Orientations

To maximize the performance of your solar panels, we’ve curated some recommendations for specific panel models:

  • Rich Solar 400W Panels: Landscape orientation only
  • ANY 300W+ solar panel that measures 39.5 inches wide can be set up in Landscape orientation.
  • ANY 300W+ solar panel can be set up in Portrait orientation.

Recommended Accessories:

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Weight 100 lbs

Installing Ballasted Solar Panel Ground Mounts


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Can these ballast be picked up at your or another location to save shipping cost?

[email protected]


Yes, they can be picked up at our Las Vegas location, however, there is a $200 dock fee as per our shipping policy. This would only save you $100 since this product has a $300 flat rate shipping charge.


20 degree tilt is not very useful in S. Texas. Is there any way to adjust this?



Not really; the angle is based on how these are molded and it's impossible to change the molding after the fact. While you could change the angle by grading the ground beneath them differently, we do not recommend putting these on ground that is not level.


Do you have these with a higher degree tilt? I live in PA and would need 33 to 42 degree. Thanks, Dave



We do not. These are the only version that we currently stock.


I'm using 49" x 80" solar panels... When I got order these it asks portrait or landscape. Are my panels compatible and if so, which orientation do you recommend?



The mounts can fit any panel that is 60" or less wide while in portrait mode. Meaning for your case you would be looking at portrait orientation.


Is there a Technical Spec sheet on this product that can be submitted to my the building department? If so does it include wind and snow load charts as well as recommended ballast weights for wind exposer? Is this a UL listed item?

[email protected]


Sadly there is no other documentation that we have on these ballast mounts. They are also not UL listed.