Complete Off-Grid TinyHome Solar Installation Kit

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Our smallest and fastest installation for a full solar system. This kit comes with everything needed to set up a small solar system with battery backup. This system is designed for a quick setup, taking less on average than 2 hours for the full system. No extra components are needed.


  • EG4 3000-EHV – a highly efficient 3000W 120V Inverter
  • EG4-LifePower4 48V/100Ah 5kWh Battery
  • 6AWG 4ft Battery Cable Pair
  • Pre-Crimped 7 Strand 10AWG 50ft PV Cable Pair
  • 4 BlueSun 415W Monocrystalline Panels
  • 5 IntegraRack IR-30 Individual Frame
  • Either IntegraRack IR-30 Ballasted or AnchorSpike kit



This full system kit comes with all the needed components to make a quick and easy setup. Each component is easily installed and set up within a few hours. With the smallest EG4 Inverter available, this system can still output 6kW for 5 seconds, and with an MPPT capable of taking up to 500VDC, it is perfect for a small isolated system. Mixed with the EG4 LifePower4 battery, it offers 5.12kWh of storage.

With the new IntegraRack IR-30, installing solar panels has never been quicker. Each panel and frame takes around 5 minutes to install, ensuring quick and easy setup. Plus with either the Ballasted or the AchorSpike mounts, ensure that the panels are secured. These mounts can take up to wind speeds of 150mph and 600 lbs of uplift. Overall this system will last in any condition.

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IntegraRack Mounting Kit

Ballast Kit, AnchorSpike Kit


BlueSun, EG4 Electronics, IntegraRack


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