IntegraRack IR-30 IR AnchorSpike™ Mounting Kit


The IR AnchorSpike is perfect for installations for any site that can withstand a lot of uplift (up to 600 pounds) and has unstable ground. With the AnchorSpike, the frame is attached with both the barbed aluminum spikes and a strong two-part Epoxy.


  • 22 19.5 Inch barbed aluminum spikes
  • 2 part Epoxy solution (A and B)

Must have Integra Rack IR-30 Purchase on file



This mounting kit includes hollow aluminum spikes that allow Epoxy to flow deep into the soil creating a solid anchor that can take up to 600 pounds of uplift per spike. Once in place, each frame will attach to 2 AnchorSpikes, meaning each frame will need 2 spikes. This design allows for fast and easy leveling of the rack, meaning there is no need to worry about uneven panels.

This Kit is good for 10 solar modules of the IR-30 Racking

Additional information

Amount of racks

10, 22


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