Emporia Vue – Whole Home Energy Monitor (Gen 3)

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Monitor a home’s power with the Emporia Vue 3 energy management hub and monitor. This new generator of the Vue comes with a wired ethernet connection, is UL 610101 certified, and enhanced accuracy. The 3rd generation of the Vue is perfect for monitoring a whole house and managing how much power each system gets.


  • Real-time energy Data
  • Two main (200A) current sensors for service mains
  • 8 or 16 branches (50A) current sensors for individual circuits
  • Supports single-phase, single-split-phase, and 2-wire systems



The Vue 3 Energy monitor allows complete management and control over the home’s energy. This energy monitor can limit energy use in certain appliances while ensuring critical loads remain powered. It can also be set to use solar only when excess is available. The Vue Gen 3 comes with 2 main current sensors (200A) and with the option of either 8 or 16 branch current sensors, this allows for monitoring of the whole system regardless of where the hub is set up. This device allows real-time monitoring when set up with wifi.

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