Victron 24V Quattro-II 3kVA 2x120V Inverter 70A Charger

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The Victron 24V Quattro-II 3kVA 2x120V Inverter is good for being an ESS system or a UPS system in both residential and mobile applications. This inverter has a two-pole transfer switch, allowing for multiple AC inputs. With a 94% efficiency rating, the MultiPlus-II can perform in any application.


  • 24V DC battery voltage 
  • 70A battery charger
  • 120V output
  • Transfer Switch: 50A
  • Max AC Input Current: 50A (each leg)
  • Peak Power: 5500W
  • Zero Load Draw: 11W
  • Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 23 x 13 x 7 inches

    5-Year Manufacturer Warranty + Current Connected 5-Year Extended Warranty (10 Years Total)!

    *The 10-year warranty only applies to products purchased through*

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The Victron 24V Quattro-II 3kVA 2X120V comes with a built-in PowerAssist that can help out when the AC input fails by drawing on the battery. Or if needed, completely switch off the grid and run solely on battery power. In an on-grid scenario, the ESS mode allows for grid-sellback functionality. With a two-pole transfer switch, the Quattro-II 2x120V can have two AC inputs that work independently of each other.

The 24V Quattro-II offers clean uninterrupted power to keep your devices running. Being able to be used in a UPS function with less than 20 millisecond transfer time, all that is needed is to turn the setting on. The Quattro-II has a low idle draw of 13W and a high efficiency of 94%, this makes it good for both mobile and residential systems.


  • Remote On/Off
  • VE.Bus Communication Port
  • Feedthrough Current: 50A
  • ESS Capability
  • Zero Load Power: 13W
  • 24V DC battery voltage and 70A battery charger
  • 120V output with the ability to stack up to 6 units for increased capacity and 120/208/240V capability
  • Two AC inputs and outputs, including an always-on output and a programmable output
  • Built-in transfer switch and 50A feedthrough current for seamless power management

Current Connected updates inverters with the latest firmware (as of order date) and custom programs them for LiFePO4 (US customers only). For any additional config customization please let us know in your order notes.

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Weight 60 lbs


Battery Voltage

24 Volts DC



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