IEC Power Cable for Victron Phoenix Battery Charger

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The Victron Phoenix Smart Battery Charger Power Cable is designed to provide you with the ideal power solution for your Victron Phoenix Smart Battery Charger. With its premium-quality construction and carefully engineered features, this cable ensures optimal power delivery while safeguarding your system against potential damage.


  • Premium-quality 14 AWG copper cord for enhanced safety and performance.
  • NEMA 5-15p to IEC connector for secure and reliable connectivity.
  • Tailor-made for the Victron Phoenix Smart Battery Charger, guaranteeing optimal power supply.
  • Prevents excessive heating and potential fire hazards.
  • Ensures uninterrupted power delivery and minimizes the risk of power loss.
  • High-quality construction for long-lasting durability.

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Ensure Optimal Performance with the Phoenix Charger Power Cable

Experience peace of mind and safeguard your system from potential damage with the Phoenix Charger Power Cable. Designed to meet the unique power requirements of your devices, this transformer is a game-changer in ensuring reliable and safe power distribution. With its exceptional features and high-quality components, this product is the perfect solution for your power needs.

Superior Performance with Premium-Quality Copper Cord

While most IEC cords on the market utilize 16 AWG to 18 AWG wire, this cable takes it up a notch. The Phoenix Power Cable boasts a premium-quality 14 AWG copper cord, setting it apart from conventional power cables. Using 14 AWG cord  ensures that the loads of the device connected will not cause excessive heating, which can lead to a fire. Say goodbye to worries about potential overheating and enjoy uninterrupted power delivery.

Tailor-Made for the Victron Phoenix Smart Battery Charger

Are you in search of the ideal power cord for your Victron Phoenix Smart Battery Charger? The Phoenix Charger Power Cable is the perfect match for your charger. The NEMA 5-15p to IEC connector’s durable construction is sized to perfectly fit the retaining clip of the charger, minimizing the risk of power loss or interruptions from a partially inserted cord.

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