Victron Blue Smart Extension Cable

SKU: BPC900200014

The 2-meter extension cable is a must-have accessory for the Blue Smart Charger with a DC connector. It gives you the flexibility to charge your vehicle or battery from up to 2 meters away. To use the extension cable, connect one end to the Blue Smart Charger and the other end to the connect clamps or eyelet connectors. Then, start charging as usual!


  • 2m Length
  • 12 AWG Cable
  • Max Current: 20A

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The Victron Blue Smart Extension Cable is an essential and convenient accessory designed specifically for use with Blue Smart Chargers equipped with a DC connector. The primary purpose of this extension cable is to provide users with increased flexibility and freedom when charging their vehicles or batteries. With a length of 2 meters, it allows you to charge your device from a distance, making it more convenient to connect and charge your battery even if the charger’s original cable is not long enough or if the charging location is not within immediate reach.

The Victron Blue Smart Extension Cable works with the following Blue Smart Charger models:

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