Victron 5kVA E-Panel for Quattro 48/5000 Inverters

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The Victron  5KVA VE-Panel makes wiring up an inverter easy. There is no need for any external fuses or breakers with the built-in 60A AC and 250A battery breakers.


  • A built-in AC bypass switch with full system current capability
  • Battery to inverter/charger DC disconnect breaker (250 Amps).
  • DIN mount AC and DC breakers
  • A500A/50mV DC shunt installed for easy connection to battery status monitor.
  • Enclosure and components are UL/CSA certified and designated for indoor use.
  • Mounting provided for DIN rail DC/disconnect breakers.
  • Weight: 40.5
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 17.01 x 10.16 x 9.00 inches



With the Victron 5kVA E-Panel wiring can be kept clean and simple. Wiring is simple with built-in PV, batteries, and AC side busbars. This Victron E-Panel negates the need for external breakers, shunts, or busbars.


  • Knockout for inverter/charger and battery cables, PV in/out, and DC panel mount breakers.
  • Integrates directly with Victron Energy’s 3,000W and 5,00WMultiPlus and Quattro inverter/chargers.
  • Configurations are available for single 120 VAC, 120/240 VAC, and 3-phase systems.
  • DC negative, positive, and ground busbars for DC loads and PV arrays are included.

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