Samlex EVO-RC PLUS Remote Control for EVO Series Inverter/Chargers


The EVO-RC-PLUS is an intelligent remote control designed specifically for use with the following Samlex Evolution Series of Inverter/Chargers:

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View real-time activity on the alpha numeric LCD display while the unit is operating. Monitor output voltage, Frequency, Amps, Watts, Volt Amps, Power Factor, Battery Voltage, Battery Current, Solar Input Current and more. Use the EVO-RC-PLUS to program inverter and battery charging parameters. Save a parameter set on a removable 32GB SD Card, then transfer the saved parameters to other EVO inverter/chargers. Additionally, Data log historic power consumption, inverter functionality, battery charging activity, faults and all of the conditions leading up to them. You can then analyze trends for more efficient use of your off-grid resources.

*The EVO-RC-PLUS comes with a 10m/33ft data cable.

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