REC Q-BMS 16S – LiFePO4 Battery Management System

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The REC Q BMS 16S is compatible with various chemistries, monitoring capabilities, and protection mechanisms. This BMS is perfect for any DIY battery system.


  • Programmable to work with 5S through 16S LiFePO4 Battery Packs
  • Compatible with Li-PO, LiFePO4, LiFeYPO4, LiCoO2, LiMnNiCo, and LiMnO4 Lithium-Ion chemistry
  • Compatible with Wakespeed WS500
  • Measuring range: 0.1 – 5.0V
  • Resolution: 1mV
  • Accuracy: 2mV
  • Up to 8 digital temperature sensors
  • Shunt current measurement, compatible with a separate shunt or “piggy-back” an existing system shunt like the Victron SmartShunt or equivalent
  • SOC (State of Charge) and SOH (State of Health) calculation
  • Internal passive battery balancer with a 4.1 Ω power resistor
  • Single cell internal resistance measurement
  • Single cell under/over voltage protection
  • Up to 3 temperature sensors

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The REC Q BMS 16S can monitor and control a battery pack of 16 cells in series. This BMS system is designed to balance and manage a battery pack of 16 cells in series. It is capable of working with any of these Lithium-Ion chemistries:

  • Li-PO
  • LiFePO4
  • LiFeYPO4
  • LiCoO2
  • LiMnNiCo
  • LiMnO4 Lithium-Ion

This BMS system can integrate anywhere between 5S through 16S battery packs. The REC Q BNS 15S offers a measuring range of 0.1V – 5.0V, offering accurate readings on what is occurring within the battery bank. It also supports up to 8 digital temperature sensors, enabling monitoring of the temperature surrounding the battery. The REC Q BMS 16S provides integration with the Wakespeed WS500 and the ability to utilize a separate shunt in the system. This BMS offers both State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH). It also comes with an internal passive battery balancer featuring a 4.1 Ω power resistor.

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