Victron | Quattro Inverter Charger | 48v Input | 5000va Output 120v | Custom Programming

  • 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty + Current Connected 5 Year Extended Warranty* (10 Years Total)!
  • Inverters purchased through Current Connected come custom programmed for LiFePO4!  For any additional config customization please let us know in your order notes.
  • Victron Energy Quattro – 5000Va Output Capacity
  • Inverter / charger multifunction unit
  • 48V DC battery voltage; 70A battery charger
  • 120V output; up to 6 units can be stacked, increasing capacity & 120/208/240v
  • Two AC inputs; Grid & Generator
  • Built-in transfer switch, 100A feedthrough current
  • ESS capable, can be used for grid feed in
  • Unique PowerAssist feature – prevent overloads when using a limited AC source
  • Low-frequency transformer-based design.  Can start motor loads with ease
  • 95% Ultra-efficient toroidal transformer design; 35w zero load power

*10 year warranty only applies to products purchased through

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Buyer's Guide

What sets the Victron Quattro apart from the competition?

Three simple facts; Quality, Efficiency, Functionality


Victron dominates the competition in terms of reliability, largely because they are the only system not made in China.  Because of this, we cover Victron for 10 years by the Current Connected extended warranty.


The Victron Quattro 5000 is 95% efficient with only 35 watts of idle draw thanks to Victron’s revolutionary toroidal transformer design, which keeps the magnetic field confined within the circular core.  Meanwhile, competitors are exaggerating their specifications,  claiming “up to” 88% efficiency, and continually wasting over 90 watts at idle.  This is the result of using the cheapest transformer possible to shave costs.

Competing “transformerless” inverters claim higher efficiencies, but they fail the moment they are presented with the inrush of a motor load, such as air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and air compressors.  They also have a much noisier output waveform, which can harm sensitive electronics.  The galvanically isolated output of Victron’s low frequency transformer design is as close to AC grid power reliability as you can get.


The Quattro lineup features Dual AC inputs so that you don’t need an additional transfer switch to select between Grid & Generator, further saving on additional system equipment.  For on-grid applications, the Quattro can be used in ESS [energy storage system] mode for grid-sellback.  Victron is the only inverter manufacturer to feature remote voltage sensing, so that the voltage drop caused by your battery cables is compensated.  Our engineering team is ready to help you implement the many extended features of the Quattro product line.




The following software requires a MK3-USB to change paramters within the inverter. Please refer to the “Recommended Accessories” section for reference. Download VE.Configure


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Does PV to battery charging function work while unit is in "search mode" drawing only 15w?



The PV function is not handled by this Quattro inverter, rather it would be handled by the solar controller that operates independently of the inverter entirely. This means that the inverter can be completely powered off or in the power-save mode and solar would still be able to charge the batteries.

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