1/0 AWG Pure Copper Battery Cables – Red and Black

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With our 4 AWG Pure Copper Battery Cables, you can confidently upgrade your power system and experience the ultimate performance and reliability. Whether you’re working on automotive projects, marine installations, or solar power systems, our cables offer unparalleled flexibility, conductivity, and protection.


  • Manufactured with Power-Flex Cable
  • 100% fine stranded PURE COPPER cable for high amperage applications
  • Copper cable lugs are tinned coated and utilize a closed end design for corrosion protection
  • Polyolefin glue-lined heat shrink tubing applied to form a protective seal
  • Includes one black cable and one red cable
  • Cables are USA-made in-house utilizing a 6-point, 16 ton hydraulic press
  • Also available in: 6AWG, 2 AWG, 2/0 AWG, 4/0 AWG
  • Single Jumpers also available: 2 AWG, 1/0 AWG, 2/0 AWG, 4/0 AWG



1/0 AWG Pure Copper Battery Cables – Reliable Power Transmission for High Amperage Applications

Power up your electrical systems with our top-of-the-line 1/0 AWG Pure Copper Battery Cables. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability, these cables are the ultimate solution for a wide range of high amperage applications. Let us introduce you to the features that set our cables apart from the competition.

Ultra-Flexible Power-Flex Cable for Unmatched Versatility

Manufactured with ultra-flexible Power-Flex Cable, our 1/0 AWG Cables provide unparalleled flexibility and ease of installation. The carefully selected materials and advanced construction techniques ensure that the cables remain pliable even in demanding environments, making them suitable for various applications in automotive, marine, RV, and solar power systems.

Fine Stranded Pure Copper Cable for Optimal Conductivity

We understand the importance of efficient power transmission, which is why our 1/0 AWG Battery Cables are crafted from 100% fine stranded pure copper. This exceptional conductor material maximizes electrical conductivity, minimizing power loss and ensuring that your systems receive the full power they require.

Tinned Coated Copper Cable Lugs for Enhanced Corrosion Protection

To provide long-lasting durability, our copper cable lugs are tinned coated and designed with a closed end. This innovative design not only enhances electrical conductivity but also offers reliable corrosion protection, safeguarding your connections from the harmful effects of moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive elements.

Polyolefin Glue-Lined Heat Shrink Tubing for Superior Protection

We take pride in the quality and reliability of our 1/0 AWG Cables! Each cable is meticulously finished with polyolefin glue-lined heat shrink tubing, forming a protective seal around the cable and lugs. This robust insulation offers exceptional resistance against abrasion, moisture, and environmental factors, ensuring the longevity and performance of your electrical connections.

Customizable Options for Your Specific Needs

We understand that every project is unique, and that’s why we offer customizable options for our customers. Our 1/0 AWG Pure Copper Battery Cables come in a convenient set, including both one black cable and one red cable. You can easily select the desired cable length and cable lug mounting hole diameter to match your specific requirements.

USA-Made Quality, Crafted with Precision

At Current Connected, we take pride in our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We crimp our 1/0 AWG Pure Copper Battery Cables in-house using a 6-point, 16-ton hydraulic press. Because we control the crimping process, we ensure that each cable meets our rigorous standards of excellence.

Recommended Inverter Sizes:

Our 1/0 AWG Pure Copper Battery Cables are the ideal choice for a range of inverter sizes. These recommendations should provide you with a reliable guideline for selecting the appropriate cable size to support your specific inverter requirements. Here are our recommendations based on different system voltages:

Recommended Accessories:

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