MidNite TheOne – 11.4kW Hybrid All-in-one Inverter


The New MidNite Solar All-In-One Inverter is perfect for larger systems. Coming with 3 separate MPPTs and 11.4 kW of nominal power, this inverter can ensure that important loads are always powered. With the MidNite name, this inverter is reliable and well-tested, resulting in an amazing unit.


  • 210A Charge/Discharge Current
  • 11.4kW Nominal Output Power
  • 15,000W Max PV Input Power
  • 3 Separate MPPTs
  • Max Input Current(Per MPPT): 30A/22A/22A
  • PV Voltage: 600V
  • 48V Nominal Battery Voltage
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Weight: 98lbs
  • Dimensions(HxWxD): 38.3 x 16.5 x 10.27 inches

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The MidNite MN15-12kW-AIO is an 11,400-watt system that features three MPPT charge controllers and three 120/240V programmable outputs that can be used for load shedding or opportunity loads. With these three programmable outputs, there is no need for an external programmable distribution box. Heavy use loads can be controlled based on user-defined settings. This inverter has a less than 10ms transfer time, allowing it to function as a UPS for important loads. It also comes with an automatic generator start and stop function, allowing it to start a generator when the batteries get too low.

The AIO’s 3 MPPT input is capable of utilizing the full 600VDC allowed by the NEC, resulting in the possibility of larger arrays. Compared to most all-in-one inverters, the MidNite AIO can ensure larger arrays ensuring all loads are properly powered. The MPPTs can take in 30A/22A/22A each giving you diversity on each string of panels.

The MidNite AIO comes with real-time monitoring and controls through its web-based app. This web-based app allows tracking of the inverter’s performance and settings that can be changed remotely.


  • Stackable up to 9 units
  • Max Efficiency 98.0% (PV to AC)
  • Max Efficiency 94.5% (Batt to AC)
  • Supports AC coupling and Self-Consumption
  • Continuous 100% AC Power (11.4kW with PV, 10kW without PV)
  • Supports 40-64VDC Lithium or Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Residential and Commercial
  • UL1741B Sell to Grid

See this inverter installed with an EG4 WallMount Battery

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Additional information

Battery Voltage

48 Volts DC


Midnite Solar

Inverter Type

Hybrid All-In-One


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