MidNite Solar Rosie 7048RE & E-Panel (Prewired)


The new MidNite Rosie prewired with the MidNite Rosie E-panel. Ensure clean and easy wiring to the system with this setup.


  • AC Output Voltage: 120/240 Volts (Split Phase) AC
  • Charge Current: 120 Amps
  • Idle Consumption: 30W
  • Surge Power: 15,000VA
  • Terminal block to attach optional MidNite Solar Surge Protection Devices
  • 80Vdc, 300A, battery-positive circuit breaker
  • 60A AC IN And AC OUT Circuit Breakers
  • 60A AC Bypass Circuit
  • Breaker Assembly
  • Optional Backplate For Mounting
  • Ground Busbar
  • Listing & Certifications: UL 458, UL 1741 Certified
  • Weight: 60.5lbs
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 33 x 15 x 8 inches




This is the prewired version of the MidNite Rosie and MidNite Rosie E-Panel. This means that the setup to attach the E-panel and the Rosie is already done, allowing for an easier installation.

You need Rosie, she IS the Inverter you have been waiting for! Rosie’s pre-wired systems were designed by Midnite Solar engineers with 100 plus years of renewable energy off grid experience! Combined with the ease of built in features that make Rosie’s pre-wired stand out and our industry leading warranties all while still being proudly made and assembled here the USA, we have thought of everything so that you can take all that guess-work out of your equation!!

Midnite designed the Rosie and Barcelona Pre-wired Systems for the first-time homeowner Do-it-yourselfer, and the experienced solar installers alike. Midnite has yet again raised that bar to show what is possible and easy to use. And, we might add, IS listed UL1741, UL458, CSA 107.01.

Let us start with some features you will appreciate. First this pre-wired is designed to fit together like puzzle pieces, each one designed to work flawlessly with the next. At only 21#, the Rosie E-panel combined with our Rosie Backplate 8# your base is now less than 30 pounds. If you top it off with a Rosie inverter at 42#, you get a total combined weight of only 71 pounds! This can be a huge factor for where you place it, and how many hours you will spend installing it on the walls. Midnite Solar prewired system for Rose and Barcelona feature True Sine wave technology, quiet forced air cooling and wait, what’s that a ZERO transfer time! Yes, we said it ZERO transfer time. How about a constant monitoring SOC, yep, comes equipped with the Midnite Wizbang Jr, paired with the newest release MNGP2 with an easy turn dial and bigger screen! Want 120/240Vac Output? Done! Want Solid Die cast aluminum enclosure for years of durable and reliable protection of your investment? Done! How about a screened gecko/mud dauber proof enclosure? Yep, they did that too!

There is nothing left out on our Midnite signature products! Midnite designs with you in mind! Lets not forget the classic design favorites, Battery temperature sensor, as well as Remote battery voltage sensor and an included Canbus communication ready a 60A transfer relay per 120VAC leg, Two aux terminals with 15 aux options per Aux terminal, and lastly, you will always be covered by Midnite SPD’s that are always standard! Whew!!! Those are just standard here at Midnite Solar! Rosie’s prewired systems have high power design that is lightweight, and does not skimp on features that will last you for years to come.

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