Heyco PV Wire Dual Entry Gland (4 Pack) 1/2″

SKU: MNSR-1000

Keep your wiring neat and organized with this Heyco PV wire entry gland. Simply install this adapter into your outdoor rated electrical enclosure, or at the end of a conduit to make a code compliant transition.

  • Wire Size Range: 10AWG - 14AWG
  • Knockout Size: 1/2" Trade Size - Locknut included
  • Material: Nylon/TPE Rubber




Previously, the only way to get PV wire into an enclosure was with single cable glands. While this approach does work, it takes up precious space and knockout holes on the enclosure. This PV entry gland solves that issue by combining multiple wires into the same knockout opening.

Another use for the gland is the transition from conduit to open air at your solar array. Use this gland at the end of the conduit, feed your wires through, then tighten the lock nut for a weatherproof seal.

IP68 rated, water, salt, gasoline, and oil resistant.

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Additional information

Wire Size Range

10AWG – 14AWG

Knockout Size

1/2" Trade Size – Locknut included


Nylon/TPE Rubber


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