Heyco PV Wire Dual Entry Gland (4 Pack) 1/2″

SKU: MNSR-1000

Keep your wiring neat and organized with this Heyco PV wire entry gland. Simply install this adapter into your outdoor rated electrical enclosure, or at the end of a conduit to make a code compliant transition.

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This PV entry gland allows you to combine two wires instead of one into the same knockout opening. You can also use this gland as a transition from conduit to open air at your solar array. Use this gland at the end of the conduit, feed your wires through, then tighten the lock nut for a weatherproof seal.

IP68 rated, water, salt, gasoline, and oil resistant.

Recommended Accessories:

Additional information

Wire Size Range

10AWG – 14AWG

Knockout Size

1/2" Trade Size – Locknut included


Nylon/TPE Rubber


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