EG4 Hybrid Solar Mini-Split AC/DC Air Conditioner/ Heat Pump

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The EG4 Hybrid Solar Mini-Split allows easy control of the environment for any sized room. This unit has AC and DC compatibility, allowing use with any power source. This unit is perfect for winter and summer with its heating and cooling abilities.


  • Indoor Head Unit
  • Outdoor Unit
  • Pre-Vacuumed Lineset & Electrical Wire – 16.4ft
  • LCD Remote Control
  • Installation Accessories



The EG4 Hybrid Solar Mini-Split is an efficient way to heat or cool any sized room. It eliminates the need for extra ductwork, allowing for an easier installation without worrying about duct punctures. The EG4 Mini-Split offers easy Plug-N-Cool operation, allowing for quick and easy setup. With the ability to take in both AC and DC power, this Mini-Split is perfect for any installation. This is perfect for quick DIY installations that need a simple solution to their temperature control. The EG4 Mini-Split has a remote control with the Solar AirCon app, allowing for easy remote monitoring and settings control. This monitoring offers energy insights and real-time data logging.

The EG4 Mini-Split is designed to operate in a wide temperature range from 14 to 136°F (-10 to 58°C). It also allows both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales. With over 12,000-24,000 (Version Dependant) BTU of cooling and heating capacity, this unit can control the temperature of a room up to 650-1,350 square feet. Plus it comes with a 5-year warranty from EG4, allowing peace of mind.

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12,000, 24,000


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