EG4 18kPV | 48V 12kW All-in-One Hybrid Inverter

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  • 18,000W PV input
  • 12,000W AC continuous output
  • Stackable – Parallel multiple units together
  • Closed loop communication with EG4 & SOK SK48V100 batteries
  • Overload, short circuit, and over temperature protection
  • 120/240V split phase output with line balancing
  • CEC Certified!

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The EG4 18kPV All-In-One Hybrid Solar Inverter

This innovative hybrid inverter combines the functionality of a grid-tied and off-grid system while eliminating the need for charge controllers or transformers. Additionally, the EG4 18kPV Inverter is ETL & cETL certified and complies with national and international standards for safety and reliability when connected to the grid.

Flexible Power Solutions

Utilize solar power directly, battery storage, and grid power simultaneously to power your home with up to 12,000W of uninterrupted, continuous output. And in case of a power outage, the EG4 18kPV Inverter can be used as a backup power system without solar.

User-Friendly Interface

The EG4 18kPV Inverter has a user-friendly interface with an LCD display that offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation, including battery charging current, AC/Solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.


Designed to provide everything you need to get started, this inverter offers a simple plug-and-play installation process and streamlined inverter management. It also has the ability to handle power from both energy storage systems and the grid simultaneously. The EG4 18kPV operates on a 120/240V split phase, accommodating a wide range of power requirements. Plus, its outdoor-rated design guarantees durability (avoid direct sunlight exposure).


  • Safety – UL1741SB Rule 21, RSD NEC 2020:690.12, AFCI NEC 2020:690.11 / UL1699B, GFDI NEC 2020:690.41(B), CSA, CSA 22.2.330
  • UL9540 (When paired with EG4 PowerPro battery and conduit box)
  • Grid connection – IEEE 1547.1:2020;IEEE 1547:2018, Hawaii Rule 14H, California Rule 21 Phase I, II, III
  • EMC – FCC Part 15 Class B
  • Outdoor Rating – NEMA 4X / IP65


  • Remotely Monitor & View Your System
  • View solar yield, battery charging/discharging rate & import consumption
  • Displays live energy data, battery charge and discharge limitations, and battery warning or fault.
  • View the power curve from each day
  • Displays key parameters over a 24-hour period
  • Get historical data about your system for analysis and maintenance
  • Update firmware remotely anywhere at anytime

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Weight 111 lbs
Battery Voltage

48 Volts DC


EG4 Electronics

Inverter Type

Hybrid All-In-One

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can I run 400 volt 10 amp dc directly from the solar panels to the pv inputs in the inverter

[email protected]


Yes, you would just need to wire it directly to the MPPTs.


I am interest in the EG4 18kPV | 48V 12kW All-in-One Hybrid Inverter and wanted to find out if the inverter will work hooked to grid power and solar panels only? No batteries; they would be added later in the process. Please let me know.ThanksRay

[email protected]


Yes! The EG4 18kPV does not require batteries in order to function. They can be added at a later time.


When I’m grid tied selling excess power back to the utility and I lose utility power, without any batteries attached, can the inverter power my home circuits?



Yes and no, if there is PV available then yes it could still power your home, but if there is no solar then it cannot.