EG4 Chargeverter GC – 48V 100A Battery Charger

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The EG4 Chargeverter is a powerful 48V battery charger capable of charging at 100 Amps or over 5000 Watts.


  • Adjustable charging current from 0A-100A
  • Capable of charging a 5kWh battery in ~ 1 hour
  • Battery Voltage: 48V nominal
  • 240VAC or 120V input capabilities (120V configuration requires cable adapter, not included)
  • Built-in breaker for added protection
  • Optimal for use with a generator



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Introducing the EG4 Chargeverter 5KW AC Charger, a high-performance battery charger designed for reliability and versatility. With its 48V 100A capacity and 5120W output, this charger ensures efficient power supply for various applications. Its compact design and dual 240/120V input make it suitable for diverse setups.

Bad Weather Resilience:

  • Charge batteries during low light conditions using a generator (up to 100A)
  • Ideal for unpredictable weather patterns

Protection from “Dirty Power”:

  • Guards against unreliable sine waves from lower-budget generators
  • Protects inverters from power quality issues

Charger Output Specifications:

  • Optimized for 240 VAC power supply
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 48VDC
  • Adjustable Charge Current: 0-100A at 240VAC
  • Adjustable Charge Voltage: 43-57VDC (Default at 54VDC)
  • Maximum Output Watts: 5120W at 240 VAC

AC Input Specifications:

  • Plug directly into a generator without concern for power issues
  • AC Input Voltage Range: 90-264VAC
  • Maximum Input Amps: 26A at 240VAC, 28A at 120VAC

Dry Contacts:

  • Control of generator start/stop function based on Voltage or state of charge (SOC)

Using EG4 Batteries?

  • Closed loop communication with EG4 batteries for charging based on battery state of charge (SOC), when batteries are not in communication with the inverter

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Dimensions 20 × 11 × 11 in




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I'm looking to buy the EG4 6000XP for my Off Grid Cabin. I currently have a Generac 8kva propane generator. Would I need this EG4 ChargeVerter to interface with this system, or can I safely connect the Generac Gen directly to the Eg4 6000XP?



EG4 states that any generator that would work with the EG4 6000XP would need to be an inverter/generator. If your generator is not an inverter/generator then you will need a chargeverter or else the warranty for the EG4 6000XP is voided.


Can I use the chargeverter to charge my battery bank while still outputting AC from the system Inverter or should I shut down inverter until batteries are charged?

[email protected]


Yes, that being said it will only charge the batteries if there is access power from the chargeverter. If there isn't than it will simply be powering the AC loads.


Doing some pre-planning for outlet box location, what are the cable lengths for AC input and battery output?

[email protected]


The AC input is going to be 6ft and the DC side is going to be around 7ft.