Blue Sea Systems 5191 MRBF Terminal Fuse Block 30-300A

SKU: BSS-5191

The Blue Sea Systems MRBF Terminal Fuse Block for 30A-300A is a compact, high-amp fuse suitable for a range of applications, including DC Main, inverter, windlass, and bow thruster circuit protection.


  • Max Amperage: 300A
  • Max Voltage: 58V DC
  • Accepts 5/16″ ring terminals
  • Mounts on 3/8” terminal studs
  • Max Torque: 75 in-lb

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This terminal block offers high current protection while accommodating tight space constraints in mobile applications. When used in conjunction with Blue Sea Systems’ MRBF Terminal Fuse, it is ignition-protected. The fuse’s isolated stud design utilizes standard M8 hardware and enables the stacking of terminals, providing versatility in installation. Additionally, it features an insulating cap to prevent accidental shorts.

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