Blue Sea Systems MRBF Terminal Fuse 30A – 250A

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The interrupt rating of the Blue Sea Systems MRBF Terminal Fuse meets the ABYC requirements for DC main circuit protection on substantial battery banks. The presence of a clear window provides a visual indicator of a blown condition.


  • Max Voltage: 58V DC
  • Interrupt Capacity: 10,000A @ 14V DC
  • Interrupt Capacity: 5,000A @ 32V DC
  • Interrupt Capacity: 2,000A @ 58V DC
  • Ignition Protected
  • IP66 Rated



Blue Sea Systems MRBF Terminal Fuses require the use of the MRBF Terminal Fuse Block. Do not mount fuses directly to the battery terminals. Ideal for large battery banks, as its interrupt rating satisfies ABYC requirements for DC Main circuit protection. Additionally, it is ignition-protected, making it suitable for installation on gasoline-powered boats.

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