4/0 AWG | Pure Copper Battery Cables | Single Jumper – Black or Red

  • Tinned lugs are back! We were previously only able to provide pure copper lugs, however due to healing supply chains we have tin plated lugs again! Woohoo!
  • Manufactured with ultra-flexible Power-Flex Cable
  • 100% fine stranded PURE COPPER cable for high amperage applications
  • Copper cable lugs are tinned coated and utilize a closed end design for corrosion protection.
  • Polyolefin glue-lined heat shrink tubing applied to form a protective seal.
  • Includes one black or red cable. Simply select cable length and cable lug mounting hole diameter for cable ends.
  • Cables are USA-made in house utilizing a 6-point, 16 ton hydraulic press.  Custom cables of any size available upon request.
  • Jumpers available in other sizes: 6 AWG, 4 AWG, 2 AWG, 1/0 AWG, 2/0 AWG
  • Also available in sets of two cables for a lower price per foot:  6 AWG Set, 4 AWG Set, 2 AWG Set, 1/0 AWG Set, 2/0 AWG Set, 4/0 AWG Set



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