20kVA 120/240v Industrial Off-Grid Power System

  • 20,000va Continuous output @25°C
  • 40,000va Peak output
  • Optional 10kW 450v Solar Controller & Wiring Kit – just add panels!
  • Preconfigured for 120/240v Split Phase Output
  • Modular – Additional inverters can be added for increased output
  • Built in generator transfer switch
  • 48v DC Battery Input, works with any 48v battery system
  • PowerAssist – Prevent overloads and increase output when using limited generator input
  • Industry leading ultra efficient transformer based design, 96% efficient.
  • CurrentConnected’s US based customer service and 10 Year extended warranty
  • Too much system for you?  We also have a 10kVA Residential Power System


Featuring a perfect pair of Victron’s MASSIVE Quattro 10K Inverter/chargers, you won’t just go off-grid, you can build your own grid! This is a massive modular system that can power your off-grid residence just like you are connected to a utility. Simultaneously start well pumps, welders, multiple air conditioners and more with ease. This system has some serious horsepower. With 40kw of surge capacity available, there is nothing that it can’t do…and if things get more intense than this you can easily expand by adding more inverters and solar controllers – nothing would get put to waste when you expand.

What’s Included:

Without Solar Add-on

Additional with Solar Add-on

What else you need

  • Solar panels – We recommend this 30 Pack of Aionrise Solar Panels – They are a perfect match!
  • If you aren’t including the solar add-on, you need a solar controller and all appropriate apparatuses
  • Batteries – We recommend at least 2 of the SOK 48v 25kWh Battery Kits
  • Items that can be sourced from most local hardware stores:
    • Main Panel, 100A main circuit breaker
    • 25ft of 2AWG type THHN wire
    • 12ft of 6AWG type THHN wire
    • 10ft of 1″ Sealtight conduit (2x 5ft sections)
    • 2 90 degree sealtight connectors and 2 straight connectors
    • Ground Rod, per local codes
    • Red, white & green electrical tape
    • Zip ties

Why choose Victron

Aside from Victron being synonymous in the industry for being the leader quality, their products are built like no other.  Many inverters claim to have large surge capacities, however the Victron Quattro is the only inverter that can actually put out.  Featuring a low-frequency transformer, this unit is more than capable of starting the most challenging loads with ease.  No one else can compete because the competition looses focus utilizing inexpensive and inefficient designs that just don’t cut it.


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