RJ45 Splitter

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The RJ45 Splitter creates two ports from one plug. This is intended for use with Victron’s VE.Bus devices or a Sol-Ark to create the additional port needed for simultaneous battery communication and Solar Assistant integration.

  • A male RJ45 plug to two female RJ45 ports.
  • Straight-through connection
  • Not for ethernet networking!

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The RJ45 Splitter is a device that takes one RJ45 Ethernet port and splits it into two. This is useful for Victron’s VE.Bus devices or a Sol-Ark, as it allows them to communicate with both the battery and Solar Assistant at the same time. This is important because it allows for more efficient monitoring and control of the system. Without the RJ45 Splitter, you would have to choose between monitoring the battery or Solar Assistant, which would limit your ability to troubleshoot problems or make changes to the system.

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