REC BMS | RS485 to USB Cable Converter | Includes PC Software

USB to RS485 (DB9) Converter Cable

  • Includes USB Flash Drive with PC Programming software
  • Compatible with Rec Active BMS & Q-BMS Units

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Required cable for programming the REC Q-BMS and Active-BMS with a PC.  Converts the RS485 signal carried over the DB9 connector of the BMS to USB that can be utilized by a Windows PC.

Includes a USB Travel drive containing relevant user instruction manuals and PC software for viewing and modifying BMS parameters.

REC BMS units are usually delivered sufficiently programmed for operation in most systems.  This cable is only needed if the default parameters are insufficient and need to be changed.  If you would like to have your BMS programmed by Current Connected prior to shipment, please let us know.  With our pre-programming, you omit the need to purchase this cable & software.

Product Manual


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