REC N-Peak 2 Black Series 360W Solar Panels – 120 Half-Cell (33 Panel Pack)


Harness the power of sunlight like never before with the remarkable REC N-Peak 2 Black Series Solar Panels. Our panels epitomize excellence through REC’s proven half-cut cell technology, delivering exceptional efficiency, power, and quality. Designed to elevate your solar experience, the REC N-Peak 2 Solar Panels seamlessly integrate cutting-edge innovations to ensure you get the most out of your solar investment.


  • Power Output (Pmax): 360Wp
  • Nominal Power Voltage (Vmpp): 33.9V
  • Efficiency: 19.7%
  • Operational Temperature Range: -40° to 185°F
  • Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 69.1 x 40.94 x 1.2 inches 
  • UL 61730 Listed
  • 25-year Manufacturer Warranty***

Notice: Price is for a pallet of 33 panels.




Unlock Unparalleled Efficiency and Power with REC N-Peak 2 Black Series Solar Panels

Unleash the full potential of solar energy with the REC N-Peak 2 Solar Panels. Elevate your renewable energy journey with these exceptional n-type mono solar panels, seamlessly integrating power, efficiency, and durability.

Pure Power Perfected

Unveil a new era of solar power with the REC N-Peak 2 Solar Panels, boasting up to an impressive 375 Wp in a 60-cell panel configuration. This powerhouse solar panel harnesses the sun’s energy with unmatched efficiency, thanks to the industry’s most advanced cell technology. The revolutionary ‘Twin’ cell layout design, unique to REC, divides the panel into two twin sections, ensuring continuous energy production, even in partially shaded conditions.

Zero LID: Uninterrupted Performance, Guaranteed

Bid farewell to the woes of Light Induced Degradation (LID) that plague standard solar panels. The n-type technology in REC N-Peak cells prevents the mixing of boron and oxygen within the cell, eliminating LID. As a result the power output of these solar panels remains steadfast, delivering the same exceptional performance as the day they left the REC factory. Your investment ensures you receive the power levels you paid for, without any compromise.

Super-Strong Frame Design: Built to Endure, Engineered for Excellence

Durability meets innovation with the REC N-Peak 2 Solar Panels. Strengthened by support bars across the rear, this panel boasts a remarkable load-bearing capacity of up to 7000 Pa, consequently surpassing the industry standard. This robust design empowers you to achieve greater energy yields, all while offering flexible installation options.

Peace of Mind with Unrivaled Warranty***

REC stands behind the N-Peak 2 Solar Panels with unmatched commitment, ensuring your solar journey remains hassle-free and rewarding.

  • 20-Year Product Warranty: REC guarantees both top-tier workmanship and material integrity for a span of 20 years.
  • 25-Year Linear Power Output Warranty: Trust in the consistent performance of your REC solar panels for a quarter-century. These panels feature a 25-year linear power output warranty with a 0.25% warranted annual degradation. This ensures that your REC Solar Panels will continue to produce no less than 92% of power even after 25 years of operation.


***REC ProTrust Warranty: get an additional five years on your 20-year product warranty plus a labor warranty for up to 25 years by having your REC panels installed and registered by an REC Certified Solar Professional installer.

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