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Designed for use with LiFePO4 cells such as the EnerAmp series of LiFePO4 batteries or other similar raw cells.  A BMS can protect your batteries ensuring maximum lifespan and performance.

These BMS units have the following features:

  • Includes USB Monitoring & Programming Cable for customizing setpoints and extended status monitoring.
  • Over Voltage Protection: If any cell(s) in your pack exceeds a safe voltage, the BMS will stop charging current from passing through, but will allow loads to draw power from the BMS without needing to be manually reset.  The BMS will automatically reset when voltages fall back within a safe range allowing for charging.
  • Under Voltage Protection: If any cell cells(s) in your pack fall below a safe voltage, the BMS will stop power from being removed from your battery pack, while simultaneously allowing charge current to enter to bring the cells above the minimum safe voltage.
  • Over Current & Short Circuit Protection: If you accidently draw too much power from your batteries, the BMS will interrupt this current, preventing damage to your batteries.
  • Under Temperature Protection: LiFePO4 batteries cannot be charged below 0° C (32° F). This BMS will disable charging when temperatures are too low, and automatically re-enable charging when temperatures are back within safe limits.  Limits may be adjusted using USB Programming Cable.
  • Over Temperature Protection: This BMS will completely turn off if the temperature probe(s) detect temperatures in excess of 75° C (167°F), preventing damage to batteries in high-heat applications.
  • Fan-free design; No moving parts to fail, or airflow path requirements.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, compatible with Android & iOS with use of included Bluetooth Dongle.

Note: This BMS has a built in passive balancer, capable of 50ma of balance current.  Before assembling your battery bank, we suggest manually top balancing, or utilizing an Active Cell Balancer instead.  If you are using low-quality or B-grade cells, the BMS will not provide enough balance current without the addition of an Active Cell Balancer.

Before shipping, every BMS is tested for full functionality and quality assurance.  We also pre-program for optimal LiFePO4 parameters as well as preform a voltage & current calibration.  If you would like the BMS pre-programmed for the capacity of your cells, please specify the size (Ah) of your batteries in the order notes, so that you have a “turn-key” system right out of the box. We will input this data during the testing & quality assurance process.

JBD BMS Orders require programming and testing prior to shipping, and have a lead time of at least 3 days to ship.

Your Order Will Include:

  • Your selection of BMS
  • Appropriate wiring harness to connect to your cells
  • Two Battery Temperatures probes
  • USB Monitoring Cable
  • Bluetooth Dongle for Monitoring via Cell Phone (IOS & Android Compatible)

Optional Accessories:

Additional information

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JBD 4s (12 Volt) BMS Units

Basic Properties
Model 150A
Cell Chemistry LiFePO4 (LFP)
Pack Structure 4s (12.8v Nominal)
Nominal Voltage Per Cell 3.2v
Operation Mode Common Port
Number of Temperature Sensors
2 External (Battery Temp)
1 Internal (MOSFET Temp)
Cell Monitoring Harness Wire Guage 24 AWG
P- / C- Connection Type
M6 Threaded Terminal
2 each (4 total)
Default Charge Protection Parameters
Rated Continuous Charge Current 150A
Charge Over-Current Protection
Trip Delay: 10 seconds
Trip: 160A
Release: 32 second delay
Cell Over-Charge Protection
Trip Delay: 2 seconds
Trip: 3.65v
Release: 3.5v
Pack Over-Charge Protection
Trip Delay: 2 seconds
Trip: 14.6v
Release at 14.0v
High-Temperature Protection
Trip Delay: 2 seconds

Trip: 65°C (146°F)

Release: 55°C (131°F)
Low-Temperature Protection
Trip Delay: 2 seconds
Trip: 0°C (32°F)
Release: 5°C (41°F)
Default Discharge Protection Parameters
Rated Continuous Discharge Current 150A
Discharge Over-Current Protection
Trip Delay: 10 seconds
Trip: 160A
Release: 32 second delay
Cell Over-Discharge Protection
Trip Delay: 2 seconds
Trip: 2.5v
Release: 2.75v
Pack Over-Disharge Protection
Trip Delay: 2 seconds
Trip: 10v
Release at 12v
High-Temperature Protection
Trip Delay: 2 seconds
Trip: 75°C (167°F)
Release: 65°C (146°F)
Low-Temperature Protection
Trip Delay: 2 seconds
Trip: -20°C (-4°F)
Release: -10°C (14°F)
Short-Circuit Protection
Trip Delay: 400µs
Trip: 890A
Release: 5 second delay
Default Cell-Balancing Parameters
Balance Type Passive Balancing
Balance Start Cell Voltage 3.40v
Balance Accuracy
15mv (0.015v)
Adjustable 0-250mv
Additional Features & Parameters
  • Cell Cycle Counter
  • SOC % Monitoring
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • BMS Power Consumption
    • In-Operation: 20ma
    • Sleep or tripped state: 200µa


4 reviews for JBD Bms | 12v – 48v | 100a – 150a

  1. Ripley (verified owner)

    So much better than my old BMS, allows me to use my battery without any worries. Provides great information about the health of my cells and the whole bank both in the moment and historically. Completely customizable settings but comes already set up for lifepo4 cells. A great buy

  2. Steve

    Another lightning fast delivery from CC. Thanks everyone!

  3. John Munt (verified owner)

    Purchased a total of (4) 8s
    The optional “Y” cable makes for easy installation
    Bluetooth monitoring and configurating is simple and a big plus
    Thanks to Dexter and Current Connected I’m sitting pretty with a 20Kw battery bank

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the great service also provided

  4. Michael Graham (verified owner)

    my BMS has worked exceptional it’s been about seven months on two 24 volt lifepoe4 battery packs well pleased so far.

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