IntegraRack IR-T1 No Penetration TileBallast™ Mounting System


The IR-T1 is perfect for any house that has tile-based roofing. This racking system is easy to attach and only takes around 2 minutes per bracket. With its simple and fast design, this is great for DIY projects and general installations.


  • 2 M8 1.25x24mm Black Tile Tension Bolts
  • 1 IR-L1 Universal L-Foot Bracket
  • 2 M8-1.25x16mm Carriage Bolts
  • 2 M8-1.25 Serrated Nuts

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IntegraRack IR-T1 Solar Tile Roof Hook Mounts

The IR-T1 is the first of its kind and the only tile roof hook that requires no removal of tiles and no roof penetration at all and is stronger than traditional tile roof hooks. Each IR-T1 comes with (1) IntegraRack IR-L1 Universal L-Foot bracket and all necessary hardware. The included IR-L1 slides anywhere along the length of the IR-T1 bracket and its unique design allows for mounting in any direction with two carriage bolts to keep it from rotating. The IR-T1 is meant to replace traditional tile roof hooks while being 100% non-invasive. The included IR-L1 L-Foot Bracket can adjust anywhere along the length of the IR-T1 and is capable of mounting with any rail system (IronRidge, Unirac, K2, and more).

These racks do not risk damaging the tiles, as they do not need to penetrate the roof. Instead, it uses the tiles as a large ballasted foot to keep the mounts in place properly. The IR-T1 is stronger than traditional tile roof hooks, and IntegraRack’s patent pending installation method increases the strength of the roof structure. Using their high-strength tested concrete adhesive, each bracket is held down by at least eight concrete roof tiles that are nested together and overlapping each other. Each IR-T1 Bracket is tested for up to 175 lbs of uplift (Click the Manufacturer Resources link for engineering documentation from the manufacturer).

The IR-T1 does not need to remove tiles or drill into the roof, allowing for fast installation. Installation can be as fast as 2 minutes per bracket, allowing for shorter installations and less hassle to get the system up and running.

Railing Not Included


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