IntegraRack IR-30 IR EarthBallast™ Mounting System


This Earth Ballast Kit provides a 3′ x 50′ roll of geotextile material to secure the IRR-30 to the ground. Each kit comes with the geotextile material and one caulk gun size tube of high-strength 5 minuite epoxy. Perfect for any installation that needs easy and stable racking for solar panels.


  • 3′ x 50′ roll of geotextile material
  • Caulk gun size tube of high-strength 5 minute Epoxy

Must have Integra Rack IR-30 Purchase on file

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Each module section requieres a mound of dirt, crushed rock, or road base that is 15 inches tall or 700 poiunds of ballast fill material per section. Each section will need wet epoxy applied to the racks. The geotextile material is then rolled over the wet epoxy and stretched from frame to frame to form a large tight surface area over each frame. Afterwards, wait 5 mintues and wet epoxy will securly ground the racking.

This kit is good for 12 Integra Rack IR-30 modules in one row


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