IntegraRack IR-30 Concrete Slab/Footing Lag Bolt Mounting Kit


The IR IntegraRack concrete slab/footing lag bolt mounting kit has the necessary components to attach the racking system to concrete. With 22 bolts, this is perfect for one row of 10 solar modules. This is good for systems that need a solar array on pre-poured concrete.


  • 22 Concrete Tapcon Bolts
  • 22 Washers

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This mounting kit includes 22 Concrete Tapcon Bolts and 22 Washers. The mounting option can be installed on pre-cast concrete surfaces. Meaning it is perfect for installations that already have a concrete area or a previous racking system. Simply attach the Lag Bolts to the racking system then screw them into the concrete. Simply use a hammer drill to make holes in the concrete then screw in the concrete bolts.

This Kit is good for 10 solar modules of the IR-30 Racking


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