Aptos Grid-Tie Microinverter Kit

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A full grid-tied system, including all the needed microinverters, panels, and cabling, required to set up a complete system. This kit is good for any residential application with two different sizes, 10 or 20 microinverters.


  • DTU with 4G Cellular Modem
  • Connector Unlock tool
  • 2x Aptos Trunk Cap



The Aptos Full System Kit includes all the needed parts to set up and manage a solar system. With the DTU with  4G Cell Modem, monitoring is simple. This modem allows for remote monitoring of the system through cellular data, allowing proper management of exactly what you are selling back to the grid and what is being used. Plus with Aptos’ design, there is no need for a lot of microinverters, as each one can connect between 2 panels, saving cost and space on less microinverters.


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