Epoch 12V 120Ah – Group 27 – Cranking & Deep Cycle Lithium Battery (Dual Purpose)

SKU: DP12120H

The Epoch 12V 120Ah Cranking and Deep cycle battery is the perfect solution for boats and RVs. It is compatible with all outboard motors and has 150A max discharge. It has a built-in smart BMS, allowing for easier protection of the battery and a longer life span.


  • LiFePO4 Chemistry
  • Cranking Starter Battery ~ 1100 CCA ~ Compatible with all outboard motors up to 250hp
  • Cranking Battery – 800A @ 10s (SOC>60%), 800A @ 5s (SOC<60%), 600A @ 10s
  • Adjustable High Voltage Cutoff via Epoch Pro App – 14.6V to 15.4V
  • Peak charge acceptance 165A max for one minute
  • Deep Cycle Battery -150A Max Continuous Discharge
  • HEATED – Internal heating allows for charging in sub-zero conditions
  • BLUETOOTH – iOS and Android Apps
  • BLUETOOTH – Over-the-air firmware update via the app
  • IP67 Rated, Dust and WATERPROOF
  • Overcharge and over-discharge protection
  • Overcurrent and short circuit protection




The Epoch 12V 120Ah Cranking and Deep Cycle Battery can sustain a load of 150A(at 23°C). With a sturdy design, the Epock 12V 120Ah is maintenance-free. The built-in Bluetooth smart BMS is great for monitoring and protecting the battery if something goes wrong. With an adjustable high voltage cutoff, 14.6V to 15.4V, never worry about not having the right settings.

With built-in protections, this battery BMS is good for overcharge, overcurrent, and extreme temperature climates. This battery boasts a long life span of 6000 Cycles and an 11-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Closed Loop Communications
  • Victron Comms – CANBus entire string of batteries to Victron Cerbo GX
  • External Battery Gauge – Touch Screen (Optional)
  • High & low-temperature disconnects
  • Max (4) in Series up to 48V
  • Max (16) in Parallel
  • 6000+ Cycle life & Maintenance-free
  • 11-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Additional information

Form Factor

Group 27

Battery Voltage

12 Volts DC

Capacity (Amp-Hours)



Epoch Battery


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