2″ Rigid Metal Conduit (RMC) Watertight Conduit Hub (Myers Hub)

  • Trade Size: 2 in.
  • Insulated throat
  • Recessed neoprene O-ring assures rain-tight, oil-tight, or dust-tight connections
  • Assembled with 150° rated insulator
  • Oversized locknut prevents backing off due to vibration
  • Wet or Dry Locations
  • Primary Material: Zinc Die Cast

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Water Tight Conduit Hubs with Insulated Throats are used to secure or terminate threaded conduit to an unthreaded opening in a box or metal enclosure where a rain-tight, oil-tight or dust-tight connection is required. Insulated throat insulates conductors, prevents abrasion and thinning of conductor insulation, and reduces wire pull effort. Oversized locknut protects against damage from vibrations and promotes positive grounding. The threaded portion of the hub positions into a knockout and is locked in place with a locknut. Once in place, conduit can be threaded onto the hub. Hubs form a watertight seal, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, including service entrance applications. All malleable construction ensures mechanical protection. Zinc-electroplated for added corrosion protection.

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